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Mothy Van Cleer

That Marvelous, Mysterious, Macabre-Miened Misanthrope of the Miscellanous

31 July
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  • mothy_van_cleer@livejournal.com
About as rational a outlook on life as you can expect from a man dressed as a stylized Day-Glo heteroceran.

Mothy is a young Canadian gentleman hopelessly obsessed with Batman comics, ancient history, and 70's rock (particularly the funk-instrumental catalog of Alan Hawkshaw), and will somehow find a way to shoehorn all three subjects into any conversation over an hour long. Sometimes he yells at things on the Internet, but not for money like an important person would.

If you would like to personally correspond with, recommend a comic for review to, or violently extort Mothy for personal gain, kindly PM him, because he does not want to waste his time composing a formal e-mail response.